About us

ˈNova Vlasinka d.o.o. – Vlasotinceˈ was founded in 2015 and is based in the rooms of former company ˈPozamanterija Vlasinka a.d.ˈfrom Vlasotince, which was famous for its high-quality goods and services on domestic and foriegn market.
Narrow Fabrics,Knitted tapes, Elastic Bands, Decorative tapes, Woven elastics and tapes, Work wear, Home textile, Sportswear, Uniforms,Cords

After only 2 years of being present on the market, thanks to good organization, experienced workforce, export deals agreed in advance,ˈNova Vlasinka d.o.o.ˈ is compatible on the local market with its quality, prices and production time.

We produce narrow fabrics, i.e. knitted tapes and elastics of various widths, braided elastics and laces, decorative tapes, mattress tapes, woven elastics and tapes, as well as all the other articles needed for workwear and protection, garment manufacturing for kids and adults, underwear, hunting and fishing equipment, sportswear, hometextile, army and police uniforms.
We have a wide range of articles which guarantees a big choice of various raw materials, products in various colours, weights, as well as various technical characteristics of weaves.
We provide high-quality narrow fabrics by careful selection of raw matterials, and quality is our most important criterion.